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Choice – part one

Sometimes it is really hard to believe that life is supposed to be like it is. That it is supposed to be so hard. Really, can anyone tell me of something really valuable that doesn’t cost a lot? In Economics we say that the cost of something is what you give up in order to obtain it. That is the concept of opportunity cost, every choice has as its cost, if you walk to the mall, you can’t be at the bar, if you go visit you uncle, you can’t be fishing, if you buy an ice-cream, you’re giving up on a pack of crackers. It doesn’t really seem that tough when you’re comparing a walk at the mall or a beer at the bar, or when you choose if you want a strawberry or chocolate cake. The real issue is that this applies to everything. E.g. so she talked to you about that issue, she told you she wants to go away. This is a moment of choice, what will your reaction be? If she is the girl of your life, if you believe she is, because we’re never meant to truly know any of these matters in a world where the future is uncertain and information is imperfect, then you can decide to show her she’s wrong or, if you believe she is not that big of a deal to you, then you can decide to let go off your dream, that maybe wasn’t that dreamy, but more of a good feeling that could come to you in other ways. If you picture the situation like that it doesn’t become that hard but we have to add here the problem of misunderstanding and misevaluation. Maybe you didn’t really get what she tried to say to you, maybe you see her as the one girl for you but she never told you about that particular issues that changes the whole situation, maybe you think she’s not the one girl for the same reason, she has yet to show you that particular thing about her that will make you fall thoroughly in love with her. The mean fact about life is that you have to choose something, not choosing anything is still a choice, because someone or somewhat will be chosen for you. Each of these choices has very high costs. If you decide to show her you’re up to it, that the issue has a solution that you can pursue, that you can be whatever she needs you to, then you’re assuming the risks which are nowhere near low, you may be frustrated, you may be rejected, you may be unsuccessful. On the opposite hand, if you choose to let go you’ll have to deal with the fact that you’re giving up to some of the most precious you ever had, you will have to face the fact that you may never be as happy, as realized as you could. None of these options are wrong and neither one of them are right, it is very hard to take the moral judgment off them, to see them just as paths leading to a future situation that may or may not be better than the current one. It gets even more complicated than that, perhaps if we manage to take off the moral judgments the decision can get even tougher, you don’t have the moral points weighing any of the sides of the balance. Choosing is all about forgoing, is all about taking the chances, you can never know if the other path would have lead to a brighter future.


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Successive Approximations

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but somehow I feel like writing something in English. I have many dreams, one of them, one of the less achievable ones, is to win a Nobel prize in economics. I’ve been reading some Nobel laureates and they all write in English, they all have a lot to say as well.  Maybe the only way to be truly heard by many is like that, in English. It is kind of strange to write things in a language that is not your own, somehow all the things you want to say get new contours, new colors. Each dream, each plan, each thought, seems deeper, seems to mean more, to be worth more. Maybe that is the magic of learning new languages, being able to tell the same thing in another way, a way that makes people, who would not pay any attention otherwise, aware that you have something to say, and that it is worth reading, it is worth listening. I’ve noticed the benefits of sometimes using another language myself quite a while ago, there are some things that only exists in one language, some words, some ideas, some expressions, it is not uncommon for me to use them, but writing entire texts is something I usually avoid, until now. I think we should always try to say the things that mean a lot to us in multiple ways, it is something very close to Weber’s method of successive approximations, it is particularly good for communicating feelings or emotions. It is not unusual at all for me to have the feeling I didn’t get the message across, especially when I’m communicating emotions or feelings, they are always so unique, so hard to touch, to organize. To explain them in a certain way, then to look for another way of looking at it, to shed light at some other angle, to say it in another language, with other words. It is like an iterated process, each time we get closer and closer to what we really wanted to say, maybe never really reaching it, but that is what makes living life exciting, imperfect information.

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